Monday, 30 May 2011

Orange Flare

I wouldn't have ever considered 'orange' or 'flare' to be two of my favourite words, nevertheless they seem appropriate to be used in conjunction as a title for this illustration. Notably two recurring themes of Spring/Summer 2011 as well. Hurray!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I can't decide whether this is easy to recognize as the original material I was drawing from... It started off as Alexa Chung, (see Vogue, June 2011) I'm not so sure anymore though...! For this reason this piece is called Mustard, after her yellow bra.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Along Came A Spider

Between what seemed like an endless supply of Cherry Bourbons at Kigu's Forest Frenzy, I managed to do a handful of drawings. One guest asked me to sketch him (he was dressed as a spider). This is the result.

Shamelessly Louis Vuitton

Friday, 13 May 2011

Kylie Entry Updated!

I decided to tweak my entry for the Kylie Minogue and Dolce and Gabanna T shirt competition. Voting now begins on the 3rd of June. To view my entry, click HERE! I would be so grateful if when the time comes you could spare a second to vote for me. That's only if you like it obviously! I will most probably post again nearer the time. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kigu Forest Frenzy

On Saturday night, a tribe of devoted Kigu followers gathered in a secret London location to celebrate the Kigu Animal Costume, and undeniably, for an excuse to party. The event, which was sponsored by Red Stag by Jim Beam was revealed to be in a warehouse transformed into a dazzling fairy lit woodland. The forest canopy that blanketed the dance floor was exclusively for the enjoyment of those who abided by the dress code: full animal costume attire.

The company ‘Kigu’ was set up by Tom Cohn and Nick Harriman to sell the Japanese animal costumes known as Kigurami. Since 2009 the full-length furry ensembles have become de rigueur in London for party and festival lovers, fans including Lily Allen and Daisy Lowe.

Kigu & Red Stag’s ‘Forest Frenzy’ took place just around the corner from The Ministry of Sound. An Eclectic herd of Giraffes, Taby Cats, and a handful of Pikachu’s clustered outside the warehouse much to the bemusement of Elephant & Castle’s nocturnal locals.

The Red Stag crew, wearing bespoke red stag Kigu costumes ensured that an endless flow of their distinctive cherry bourbon fuelled the night straight through til finish.

Drinks being served by Red Stag included:

Red & Black


3 parts Red Stag by Jim Bean® infused Bourbon

4 parts Cola


Pour Red Stag by Jim Bean® into tall glass half-filled with ice.

Fill glass with Cola, stir lightly and serve.

As usual, Tom and Nick guaranteed that their cult-like following would be thrown an unforgettable Kigu experience. While DJ’s span an array of house and techno, the Kigu Crew participated in ridiculous party games, all of which rewarded novel prizes.

Memorable for its absurdity, one game involved tents being cascaded onto the dance floor, to feature in an utterly eccentric Kigu & Red Stag-afied version of musical chairs.

To become part of the Kigu Crew, click on and choose from the wide selection of colourful animal costumes available.

To view the full gallery of the event, ‘Like’ the Red Stag facebook page by visiting Also be notified about associated competitions and events.
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