Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Juggling of Day Job and Leisure.

I don't actually have a 'day' job, but my Fashion BA is about to take full impact on how my time is divided. However! I intend on keeping up the momentum of generating illustrations. Here are a few I did the other night, mostly influenced by i-D... I am afraid to say none of these have been inspired by the dense amount of boobs featured the latest issue. Maybe some could be done on request/payment offers!

Term Begins

Which means sitting through countless timetable updates. This one was particularly riveting so I decided to sketch my fellow class mates.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

2 Nights in Soho.

Here are some sketches (slightly effected by alcohol consumption) from a couple of nights out in Soho. I was lucky enough to be in the company of Tom Peters and Tobias Ratcliffe, my two favourite men.


Andrew Ibi set us some questions to answer prior Trend Project.
Here are some highlights:

Are you Disposable or a Collector?


It’s about finding the perfect balance. I love collecting… I have a huge crate of paper I have accumulated from across the world and many a pavement. However, I take pride in being a neat freak and have no hesitation to throw away stuff I haven’t used or looked at for a few months. I say throw away but I try to recycle.

Is illustration still important or relevant to fashion?


SLR Photography is ubiquitous. Evidence of this is as follows: the revival of the Polaroid picture, hipsters flocking to Urban Outfitters to spend 40 on a lomography lens, the fact that no one wants to have a photo taken of themselves in High Definition. A cheap solution to capturing style is simply by picking up a pen and getting sketchy! Photography has a become a medium a little too obvious, anyone can do it so long as they can afford a camera that does all the work for them. The real challenge lies in returning to the primitive skills we were born with: looking around you, take a deep breathe to resist the urge of snap-happiness, pick up a drawing instrument instead. Illustration is relevant to fashion, because fashion moves fast, and so does a pen line in front of a catwalk... and it delivers a result far more spontaneous than a camera ever will. Some might describe illustration as old-fashioned, but old-fashioned is vintage, and everyone knows that vintage is still in fashion. Another thing: you don’t have to worry about air-brushing a drawing.

How would you describe your work?


Work is part of my personality and sadly for me, I am a self-centered workaholic. In order to relax, I work. I think the meaning of the verb ’relaxing’ actually stresses me out. I wake up early every morning because if you add up all the extra hours of being conscious it's the equivalent of a longer life expectancy. And if you live longer you get so much more work done.

In the words of Dame Fanny Waterman:

“You don’t stop working because you grow old, you grow old because you stop working.”

Lady Gaga shares a similar philosophy, although slightly more sensationalized:

“I eat, sleep, breathe and bleed every inch of my work. I’d absolutely die if I couldn’t be an artist.”

Thanks for making work-lovin’ cool Lady Gaga!

Are you Online or Offline?

I wish I was offline.

Being disconnected from the internet grants you more time for deep thought and contemplation. It also trains you to be creative with your spare time, instead of refreshing your facebook homepage. However, a small amount of being logged in needs to be invested if you want to get your work out there, unfortunately. The ironic thing is that the more time I have spent advertising myself online, the less time I have had to work on what I have been advertising.

Monday, 27 September 2010


Every so often, I get a recurring dream about Iggy Pop, triggered by a teenage obsession with The Stooges and David Bowie. I confess that I have given up listening to Raw Power in an attempt to enjoy the cathartic noise of early punk, but Iggy Pop has left a lasting impression on me. David Bowie also has a fantastic face to draw. After 'studying' hundreds of male models' faces at London Fashion Week, I can't help but think Bowie's elfin bone structure has shaped our perception of male beauty.

Sunday, 26 September 2010


I woke up at 6:30am yesterday and the first thing I thought of doing was to draw Kylie Minogue.

Collector's Edition Action Fash-Dolls

Something about this series of catwalk illustrations reminds me of collector's edition action figurines. I hope I can manufacture some real ones someday! Imagine little toys dressed in miniature Jasper Garvida-esque dresses, Oh hold on! Someone already invented the Barbie doll.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Catwalk Highlights

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the shows at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Venue, I got to sit at the front with a fan and poke through a goodie bag. Thank god I got some more hair mousse! When I get asked what shows I watched however, it takes a good five minutes to conjure a name. I think when you have the challenge of sketching every other model thrown onto the catwalk, it stuns your brain and all you have to prove you were there are some extremely loose stick drawings. I do have some favourites; their collections are featured in this quite extensive series of catwalk illustrations. Romeo Pires, Fashion Mode, Charlotte Taylor, Masha Ma, Bunmi Koko, Bodyamr, Jasper Garvida, Tim Soar, and Swedish Textiles were a pleasure to watch. My sketches from Romeo Pires, Masha Ma, Jasper Garvida and Charlotte Taylor will appear in the next post as they are epic scribbles!

Style over LFW

Here are the remaining illustrations of the people I met over LFW... either on the street, floating around Freemasons', watching the shows, or hanging out backstage.
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