Saturday, 25 September 2010

Catwalk Highlights

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the shows at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Venue, I got to sit at the front with a fan and poke through a goodie bag. Thank god I got some more hair mousse! When I get asked what shows I watched however, it takes a good five minutes to conjure a name. I think when you have the challenge of sketching every other model thrown onto the catwalk, it stuns your brain and all you have to prove you were there are some extremely loose stick drawings. I do have some favourites; their collections are featured in this quite extensive series of catwalk illustrations. Romeo Pires, Fashion Mode, Charlotte Taylor, Masha Ma, Bunmi Koko, Bodyamr, Jasper Garvida, Tim Soar, and Swedish Textiles were a pleasure to watch. My sketches from Romeo Pires, Masha Ma, Jasper Garvida and Charlotte Taylor will appear in the next post as they are epic scribbles!


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