Friday, 3 September 2010

Hello blog world

I noticed that in spite being pretty wall-flowerish on flickr (what's PRO account?) I was getting a lot more views than I first imagined. So, time to get SERIOUS! I have now moved to a new host, allowing me to display my work with a bit more personal baggage.

I am an art student, focussing on Fashion Design but I also love to draw. Arguably, these work quite well together. I am most recognized for my fashion illustrations, but actually I quite like drawing anything... and tend to most days, most hours, that I'm facing something, with a pen in my hand. So, for those who are interested in following my 'creative journey' feel free to give me some page views!


  1. this stylish talented young lady is one to watch, she is also very good at cleaning toilets!

  2. Vic!!!!! Welcome to the blog world. Can't wait to see/read your amazing work and look forward to seeing you soon ;P


    Kit x

  3. P.s your link listed under 'Inspirations' on the Links page.


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