Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fire Drill

The fire alarm goes off almost every day, which is a nuisance. This is the drawing I did of my surroundings post-evacuation.


  1. goodness, how annoying! at least it worked in your favour, this drawing is lovely!

    and oh my, was you at the aussie blogger party? i am so sorry that i didn't come up to you if you were there, i am pretty darn useless at recognizing people (plus i haven't really seen what you look before), and i'm quite awkward when it comes to approaching people i don't know so i tend to stay with those i do.

    jazmine. xx

  2. Hi Jazmine! Yeah I just realized you were there! If I had known at the time of course I woulda said hey, you weren't in the black limo as well?? I hope you had lots of fun, and we will have to make sure to say hello at the blogger's sale thing xx


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