Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Apologies for the less frequent posts, I am designing like crazy for two competitions as well as prepping for my showcase with Uncover Aussie this Saturday! I will make sure more work goes up soon.


  1. Please reply to my email... Rob

  2. Hey Vic!!
    Firstly im soo sorry I never came and chatted to you at Aussie! I came and gawped at your stall but you weren't there. It was amazing, true talent and it looked so proffessional!
    I was at the stall with the fashion promotion portfolios and funny drawing club :)
    Your drawings are just how I like them, your line is so economical.
    Love them :)

  3. Heey Lucy,

    It's ok! Everyone was so busy it was hard to talk to anyone properly really, I hope we will be able to when we are treated to more club nights with Aussie!

    Thank-you so much for your kind words, I had a look through your portfolio and it was awesome! Where the silkscreen prints yours as well? If so my boyfriend absolutely LOVED them! If they are yours I'd be so grateful if I could buy a copy. If they're not yours so sorry for bombarding you with non applicable info!

    See you around soon xxxx


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