Wednesday, 16 November 2011

100 Ways to Wear A Kimono

I imagine all Fashion Designers find a personal way of working; a method to generate ideas to find their silhouette, almost like a ritual.

When I was doing my research on GustavoLins, he talked about how his starting point is always a kimono. (Pictured) Through its distortion there's probably about a zillion ways you can make it fall in a new and original way.

Personally, (and I get ripped for this) is my obsessive use of "Collapsed Shapes"... so much so I think I may be turning into a collapsed shape myself!

The other day I bought a cashmere Alexander McQueen cardigan... arguably kimono 'inspired', you can literally wear it a 100 ways!!!! Makes me feel slightly better about scraping out the cash for it, I feel like I bought a whole new wardrobe of cardigans.

Today I'm wearing my McQueen upside-down and back to front. A Human Collapsed Kimono shape! (Don't take the piss out of me in the library)

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