Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Back to Being Scribs

I haven't really drawn 'for the sake of it' much recently... not that I would ever say I preferred writing my dissertation, ergh. Anyway, FINALLY after organizing future plans, planning my Final Collection, a bunch of commissions, and a disgusting long essay, I got some time to drink(down) some wine and draw for no other reason but out of enjoyment.

When everything you do day to day revolves around 'making something' it's so easy to forget that it really is meant to be a hobby as well as a supposed career path. I will post a few more of these illustrations-without-a-cause throughout the week or so.


  1. LOVE this one. everytime I look at your blog I get so inspired! x

    1. Thanks Grace! I've just checked out yours too. Best of luck with applying for the Foundation, you'll have no trouble with getting in at all! I'm glad you find my work inspiring! x

  2. oh thankyou! have applied to kingston - fingers crossed! x


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