Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I found out this morning that a giant red stag was shot dead by a licensed deer hunter. He was named the Exmoor Emporer and stood at 9ft tall. Though poaching deer is a historic tradition, I was upset to hear such a huge, proud creature would now end up as another trophy above a mantle-piece. I am sure this happens frequently, but you should see the size and majesty of this animal! I live very near a deer reserve in Kingston where they roam as free as the dog walkers, so maybe this is why I was moved by this news story. The illustration pictured is actually of one of our local Kingston stag, definitely smaller than Emporer, but it is here to tribute his life all the same.


  1. awww this made me sad. He was so big and proud. But sadly no more.

  2. no more body but I'm sure his head is brightening up someone's living room!


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