Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Le Comptoir General, Paris, Part 1

In the short time I was in Paris, I tried to squeeze in as many things as possible; mostly thanks to my host Emile Roux! (pictured, left) on Saturday we spent most of the day in this place to dine/drink/generally hang out called Le Comptoir General, hidden off a main street but absolutely worth finding. (I did actually get lost on the way, but thankfully got rescued by Benoît on a motorbike)

After finally arriving, I was like a kid in a theme park! Between taking copious amounts photos and drawing my surroundings, I also made friends with a few my subjects, Thomas Dromer (Middle, with a shock of red hair) and Tom Miranda and his girlfriend, Sheryne (Tom, pictured far right, Sheryne in an illustration to come) now I have plenty of people to visit next time I'm in the city! This series of illustrations are tribute to all those who made my stay so enjoyable. Thank-You!

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  1. brilliant illustration! is it ink and watercolour?


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