Friday, 23 December 2011

David Riches

A few months back, I featured some sketches my mum did while she was on a 'Girl's Gardening Trip' to Morocco.

I hope I don't appear too self-absorbed... but  I don't really use this blog to feature any other people's work but my own! Saying that, I think family can defy this rule, because my parents are my definitely biggest inspiration!

What you see above is the website, Vintage Archive created by my Dad, David Riches and his work-partner, Harry Villiers. Their new online shop contains hand-picked beautiful vintage pieces, uncovered from the depths of India.

My Dad (David) like my Mum (Helen) is formally trained in Graphic Design, and has since founded his own design consultancy, Visible Edge which he has run for over 20 years.

Also like my Mum, my Dad has a knack for multi-tasking, and an impulse for adventure, leading him to dive into other complimentary creative fields. He currently working in property development, and pouring his passion and energy into Vintage Archive.

I probably don't tell him enough, but he really is a great role-model, and a massive help when it comes to my own work!

For these reasons I thought I would feature his new project on my blog... as well as the fact I truly love the stuff him and Harry are selling!

So take a look and uncover some vintage treasures yourself! 

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  1. Very inspiring indeed.

    xx from Soleil


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