Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jet Set to Florence!

Thank-You to everyone that voted for my Kylie Minogue T-Shirt Competition Entry! I will keep you posted when I find out more about the competition selection. I am about to fly out to Florence to illustrate Laura Fantacci of Red Magazine's wedding! I haven't had time to stop this week cos between endless toiling for my Fashion Degree I have been accumulating a nice collection of illustrations ready to post on the blog... just haven't, quite managed to post them yet! On my return look forward to illustrations from Kingstion Fashion Graduate Patricia Pereira da Costa's S/S '12 collection (pictured above), Graduate Fashion Week (including a very rushed drawing of Henry Holland while he was browsing through Ravensbourne's portfolio) New Zealand's Sports brand, Canterbury's Showcase Party, and of course, Laura's wedding.

Ciao for now, see you on my return!



  1. Sounds exciting! I wondered about your Red Magazine gig. Very, very cool! Looking forward to it all!! xx from Soleil


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