Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mario Testino, US Embassy

I can't think of many perks of getting up at 5am to go for a Visa Interview in the high security London American Embassy (no phones or electrical devices allowed, so I bought a sketch book with me for entertainment.) But one thing that did brighten up my visit was being next in queue to world famous Fashion Photographer, Mario Testino! At least my journey from Kingston (which does feel like a formidable distance from Central London sometimes) wasn't as far to travel as Testino's... who'd come all the way from Peru to get his Visa! It was a privilege to meet him, and I'm glad he didn't mind being drawn in his reading glasses. 


  1. Scribbler paparazzi? Cool! You're going places Vic, literally, according to this post. Lol. xx from Soleil

  2. Oh, wow! What a wonderful coincidence! It was so lovely meeting you yesterday at the Aussie party. I absolutely LOVE your illustrations! Can't wait to hear about your Stateside adventures too.


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