Thursday, 30 June 2011

From One Fog to Another...

Emma, Kate, and Bethany will probably recognize this picture (drawn straight from the cover of the San Francisco guide books we got sent from Old Navy, LAZY!)... I promise when I'm out there I'll be able to post some more thought-out illustrations of the city! So this isn't so much as a good-bye post, but just to let everyone know that I am relocating to San Francisco, California until September! The girls and I won an apparel design competition for Old Navy so we're going out there to design for a bit, and soak up the California sun! ...Or more the San Francisco fog. With regard to commissioning, I'm still doing illustration stuff (currently doing some bits for a couple of british magazines over the summer which I'm really excited about!!) so if you do want to get in touch about illustrations then drop me an email! 


  1. Fantastic Vic, I've been showing your blog to everyone (!) I can (so if you see a lot of random stats from the states right now, some might be from me carrying on over here). Your illustrations are some of the best fashion translations I've seen and I can't wait to see some on bookshelves & mags- Congrats! xx from Soleil

  2. PS- I love the illustrations of your people watching and architecture as well (apart from fashion, not for nothing). Ok, I'm done. xx


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